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C and W SERVICES Building Maintenance Technician in Springfield, Missouri

JOB TITLEBuilding Maintenance TechnicianJOB DESCRIPTION SUMMARYInstalls, maintains, and repairs machinery, equipment, physical structures, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical systems of industrial machinery in and around the industrial establishment. Installs and repairs electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, apparatus, and electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components of industrial machinery and equipment. Performs necessary service work on equipment and components for preventative maintenance or repair purposes, using proper tools, and repair procedures in a safe manner. Oils and greases moving parts of friction surfaces of mechanical equipment such as shaft and motor bearings, sprockets, drive chains, gears, pulleys, etc.Performs maintenance tasks in a manner that achieves correct equipment tolerances and operating quality. Work is performed without unnecessary expenditure of time or waste of supplies, materials, or other resources.JOB DESCRIPTION * Visually inspects and tests machinery and equipment. * Listens for unusual sounds from machines or equipment to detect malfunction and discusses machine operation variations with supervisors, team lead and other maintenance workers to diagnose problems or repair machine. * Dismantles defective machines and equipment and installs new or repaired parts. * Cleans and lubricates shafts, bearings, gears, and other parts of machinery * Installs and repairs electrical apparatus, such as transformers and wiring, and electrical and electronic components of machinery and equipment. * Lays out, assembles, installs, and maintains pipe systems and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and repairs and replaces gauges, valves, pressure regulators, and related equipment. * Repairs and maintains physical structure of establishment. * Installs, programs, or repairs automated machinery and equipment such as robots or programmable controllers. * Sets up and operates machine tools such as lathe, grinder, drill, and milling machine to repair or fabricate machine parts, jigs and fixtures, and tools. * Operates cutting torch or welding equipment to cut or join metal parts. * Fabricates and repairs counters, benches, partitions, and other wooden structures. * Installs power supply wiring and conduit for newly installed or existing machines and equipment such as robotics, conveyors, and programmable controllers. * Diagnoses malfunctioning apparatus such as transformers, motors, motion controls, drives and lighting fixtures and replaces damaged or broken wires and cables. * Replaces faulty electrical components of machine such as relays, switches, and motors, controllers, drives and positions sensing devices. * Pushes buttons and presses keys on robotic controller, programmable controller to program automated machinery, such as robotics, to operate automated machinery, to test for malfunctions, and to verify repairs. * Plans layout of wiring and installs wiring, conduit, and electrical apparatus in buildings. * Diagnoses and replaces faulty mechanical, electric, electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic components of machines and equipment. * Fills containers such as oil can, grease gun, or barrels of lubrication or oil with specified lubricant and other items such as video jet ink. * Squirts or pores oil on moving parts and friction surfaces, or into holes, oil cups, or reservoirs. Turns oil cup valves to regulate flow of oil to moving parts. * Forces grease into bearings with grease gun, smears grease on friction surfaces, or packs grease cups by hand. * Fills wells and sumps of lubricating systems with oil. * Complies with company, state, and federal OSHA safety policies, rules of conduct and regulatory requirements. * Uses good interpersonal skills and communication to work harmoniously with co-workers, supervisors, team lead, shift coordinators, planners, engineers and the customer. Works with other employees as a team