Golden Valley Memorial Hospital AM Cold Cook/Hospitality in Clinton, Missouri

Job DetailsAM Cold Cook/Hospitalityis responsible for preparation of cold production items needed for room service meals served to patients and preparation of hot and cold items needed for cafi including set up of cafi salad/deli/yogurt bars and desserts. This position may set up and deliver room service trays to patients within 45 minutes of the order being placed. This position may assist in working positions on the room service assembly line, ensuring that all hot and cold meals are correct as ordered. Performs all necessary prep work and restock. This position needs to be familiar with all menu items offered in the cafi areas, all pricing and equipment cleaning/operations. As part of the cafi team, may provide for cash handling and perform register transactions. Assists with retail merchandising, upselling, general cleaning and other duties as necessary to provide quality food and quality service at a "10" level. Attends huddles and food tasting daily. This position needs to maintain a friendly and cheerful demeanor at all times while on duty.iVaries: 5:45am-1:30pm; 6:45am-2:15pm;10:45am-6:15pm